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How To Improve Your Car Trade-In Value

You’ve put your mind and wallet to work and have finally reached a  financial position to purchase a new vehicle. Now, what are you going to do with your current car? You don’t want to pay for two vehicles, and you haven’t the time to go through the tedious work of selling it privately; setting [...]

Mac James – Meet Our Employees

We’ve helped customers across Alberta find their dream cars and improve their credit since 1994… but who are “we”?  We are a team dedicated to providing personalized solutions for all types of credit situations. After 25 years of serving you, we want to introduce you to some of the people that make up our work [...]

Mac James Dictionary: Common Dashboard Warnings

We are not all mechanics. Most of us can’t quite understand the language our cars speak. Not many of us have the skills to run a full diagnostic analysis of our vehicles either. This means your dashboard is your main translator for the rest of the car.   These days dashboards are becoming much more [...]

How To Change a Tire It happened! You are in the middle of traffic or out on the highway and you’ve just gotten a flat tire. It’s bound to happen.  Changing a tire is an easy skill to acquire. You just need to follow these simple instructions: Things you’ll need (and things you should keep in your car): Owner’s [...]

10 Incredible Road Trip Destinations in Alberta When the weather finally gets nice in Alberta, there is nothing more freeing than the open road. Many of us pull out the old camping gear and load up the car with just the necessities we need to leave town—they entirety of Canada becomes our backyard.    What better way to celebrate the beauty [...]

The Mac James Process– Its Alberta’s Way to Buy a Used Vehicle.

Maybe the clunker kicked the bucket or you’re looking for your first set of wheels, getting a new vehicle can be a real hassle. At Mac James we can help. As Alberta’s number one pre-owned dealership, we are often asked, “How does your process work? What do I need to do to get a vehicle [...]

Top 5 Vehicle DIY Repairs Under $100

Owning and maintaining a vehicle can be an expensive proposition. In order to keep your vehicle in optimal condition, it is essential to get it serviced on a regular basis and promptly address issues that can crop up. All this can severely dent your pocket.  A recent Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) survey estimates that routine [...]

How Your Credit Works and How to Make It Work For You!

“What is a credit score? Do I have one? How can I make it better?” All valid questions when it comes to asking a lender for a loan. It’s a three number grade that let’s lenders and financial institutions decide whether or not to permit you to borrow large amounts of money and what interest [...]

Mac James Motors Dictionary– Reconditioned.

When you’re deciding what previously owned or used vehicle to purchase there are often some words that get thrown around that leave room for questions. One such question is, “What did the sales associate mean when saying the car was reconditioned?”     >>>>No credit? Bad credit? Get approved today with Mac James Motors <<<<< [...]

Evolution of Iconic American Cars–Then and Now

There are just some cars that are so iconic that any fan will turn their heads for when they drive by. Some disappeared for a while only to return with a vengeance and others have been staples in car culture throughout the ages. Let’s take a look at some of the old classics and what [...]