Excellent! - 2017-10-18  

Excellent service.

Vi Jackson       Edmonton North   
Excellent and professional 2017-10-13  

Excellent customer service. Professional staff.

Michelle Barefoot       Red Deer   
Helpful! - 2017-10-10  

This is our second vehicle with Mac James. The staff has always been helpful! I recommend Mac James to anyone I know that needs a vehicle!

Erika Letendre       Edmonton-South   
Helpful! - 2017-10-07  

The Sales Rep was very helpful!

PETER BOKSTEYN       Red Deer   

The Sales People were very helpful in all my needs to make sure I was able to purchase this vehicle as quickly as possible!

ROGER MACCUMBER       Edmonton-South   
Great service! - 2017-10-01  

It was great service - made you feel appreciated and I am a returning customer. They made it possible financially to be able to afford the vehicle you're in.

Yvonne Olson       Edmonton North   
GREAT! - 2017-09-30  


Helpful! - 2017-09-28  

Very Helpful and knowledgeable!

Mike Lalonde       Edmonton-South   
Fantastic! - 2017-09-26  

Fantastic! Service was quick and easy!

Cheryl MacPherson       Edmonton-South   
Excellent! - 2017-09-25  

Very pleased on the patience and understanding! Very good Customer Service! Excellent!

Kara Webb       Edmonton South   
Great to deal with! - 2017-09-25  

You did very good and very pleased with service and prices and Jason is great to deal with you.

Ross Munro       Edmonton North   
Helpful! | 2017-09-14  

Best experience I ever had. So helpful, they stick to their word when they tell you what they're going to do. Make you feel like family. I can honestly say I love Mac James Motors.

Richard Klyne       Edmonton North   
Great! | 2017-09-14  

Great Experience!

Steven Brown       Edmonton-South   
Friendly! | 2017-09-11  

Mac James Motors was a great and friendly experience and our family will be back

Andrew Hartt       Edmonton North   
No Pressure! | 2017-09-08  

Very smooth transaction. Chris/Sales got everything completed very quickly & effortlessly. There was absolutely no pressure and he was able to answer all my questions.

Crystal Marshall       Edmonton-South   
Fantastic! | 2017-09-05  

Chris was fantastic! He tolerated all my crazy thoughts & questions.

Sabina Gibbs       Edmonton - South   
Jordan Mandryk | 2017-09-02  

Could not ask for any better.

Jordan Mandryk       Edmonton North   
Excellent! | 2017-09-01  

Excellent! Excellent Customer Service! Knowledgeable.

Sonya Rowe/James Vaters       Edmonton South   
Great! | 2017-08-25  

Sales Guy was Great!

John Rogers       Edmonton   
Awesome! | 2017-08-21  

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Mandi Bardenhagen       Red Deer   
Excellent | 2017-08-14  

Excellent Service! Easy and friendly to finance a vehicle

Suzanne Rafters       Northside   
Fantastic! | 2017-08-10  

This is purchase number 8! Always fantastic service here!

Elizabeth Dunleavy/Joy Grant       Northside   
Experience! | 2017-08-03  

Always a Top Notch Experience! Will keep coming back!

Jennifer Prosser-Wann       Red Deer   
Great, Fast, Friendly and Informative! | 2017-08-02  

Great, fast friendly and informative. Couldn’t have gone smoother!

Dustin Chrapko       South Edmonton   
Good Reviews! | 2017-08-02  

I heard about you through the internet! Read good reviews!

Tasneem Dosani       South Edmonton   
awesome sales representative | 2017-08-02  

James is an awesome sales representative! Explained everything well and gave me options. The whole process and experience was amazing, I’m happy I got the perfect vehicle I wanted. Good customer service, I would definitely recommend Mac James Motors!

Caroline Tolentino       North Edmonton   
Excellent service, very helpful! | 2017-08-02  

Excellent service, very helpful!

David Langley       Red Deer   
Excellent Service | 2017-08-02  

Excellent service and friendly Sales Staff! Huge choice of quality cars

Gerald Barabash       Stony Plain   
Experience! | 2017-08-02  

Great Experience! Jason was Great to deal with!

Steven Buck       Northside   
Great experience. | 2017-07-22  

Helpful and courteous. Hassle free sales.

Kirsty Byers       Edmonton   
Awesome! - 2017-10-13  

Awesome Job!!

Sharrie Sinclair       Edmonton North   
Experience was wonderful! 2017-10-12  

My experience has been wonderful. Staff was very helpful in getting me into a new vehicle quickly!

Keara Miller       Red Deer   
Great! - 2017-10-10  


Steve Noble       Edmonton North   
Excellent! - 2017-10-05  

Excellent! the overall experience was great!

PATRICK GALLAGHER       Edmonton-South   
Great! - 2017-10-03  

It was Great! Fast and Easy!

JANELLE MUNDY       Edmonton-South   
Stress free! - 2017-09-30  

Awesome experience, the most stress free vehicle purchase I have ever made. I would highly recommend Mac James Motors to anyone to purchase a vehicle. Jason, you go above and beyond and I sincerely thank you. You are the best!

Michelle King       Edmonton North   
Good! - 2017-09-29  

Very good.

Katherine Thir       Edmonton North   
Excellent - 2017-09-26  

In my personal opinion Mac James Motors did excellent.

Sharlene Morris       Red deer   
Helpful! | 2017-09-25  

We thought they were very helpful in helping us find a car that we liked and helped us with a good payment plan we could do every month.

Grant and Dawn E.       Edmonton North   
Amazing! - 2017-09-25  

Amazing! Getting our next "new" vehicle from here too!!

Susan Scott      
Well done! | 2017-09-20  

You did awesome

Jeanette Brertton       Edmonton North   
Great! | 2017-09-14  


Brian and Selina Robdrup       Edmonton North   
Easy! | 2017-09-11  

Well Done!

Terry & Franki Grasby       Edmonton-South   
Amazing! | 2017-09-09  

Amazing! So helpful and nice. What a great experience!

Nicole Mowat       Edmonton-South   
Informative! | 2017-09-06  

Our Sales person Chris was very informative and explained everything in full detail. Any questions I had he answered fully.

Amanda Kornum       Edmonton - South   
Great | 2017-09-05  

Always a great experience.

Pam Beveridge       Edmonton North   
Knowledgeable! | 2017-09-02  

Les was very Knowledgeable and explained everything perfectly!

Tyler Giles       Edmonton South   
Awesome! | 2017-08-28  

Awesome as Usual!

Spencer Edgerly       Edmonton-South   
Jodi Hamilton | 2017-08-25  

Everything is always quick and easy

Jodi Hamilton       Edmonton North   
Pleasant | 2017-08-16  

My experience was very Pleasant! Neal explained everything very well and he helped me find the car I wanted! I'm very happy with my experience here!

Carl Olsen       Red Deer   
Great | 2017-08-14  

This was a Great experience and I will be referring people to your Business! Thanks

Gina Donald-Potskin       Northside   
Excellent! | 2017-08-09  

Excellent! My mom purchased a vehicle from Jason Fry and I am a very satisfied Customer! Will be back again!

Mike Czaja       Northside   
Excellent Service | 2017-08-02  

This is my second time purchasing here and both times the service was excellent. 5 stars both times.

Terry Nims       Stettler Red Deer   
Great people, great everything!!! | 2017-08-02  

It was awesome! Great people, great everything. It was fast, on point, and most of all the service was awesome! They worked with me every step of the way.

Mike Slywka       North Edmonton   
Awesome Experience! | 2017-08-02  

My experience was awesome!! Very friendly and thorough, all in all great service!!

Elaine Osburn       North Edmonton   
Stress Free and Accomodating Staff | 2017-08-02  

My experience through the whole thing was stress free and the Sales Staff were very accommodating to my needs and worked with me!

Cory Lake       Edmonton South   
Saving me time on paperwork. | 2017-08-02  

James offered help through email, saving me time on paperwork. Everyone is friendly at Mac James!

Mary Ward       South Edmonton   
Experience! | 2017-08-02  

Great experience! Jason was great to deal with!

Steven Buck       Northside   
Great! | 2017-07-27  

It was Great! Very low pressure! Would highly recommend!

Melinda Verge       Northside   

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