2023/09/25 Review  

The sales person was very easy to follow. I understood what he was talking about.

Wayne Welscher       Edmonton   
2023/09/19 Review  

Great to deal with. Highly informative and made sure I had access to all necessary information. Thank you guys so much.

Emily Guy       Edmonton   
2023/05/10 Review  

Excellent service, knowledgeable, friendly and polite.

Kwamin Lewis       Edmonton   
2023/03/31 Review  

Everybody was great!

Michelle Gladue       Edmonton   
2023/02/21 Review  


Roger Young       Edmonton   
2022/01/09 Review  

Great, was fast and easy.

Blayn Auger       Edmonton   
2022/12/16 Review  

Best experience I have ever received. I will be telling family and friends how amazing it is here! Thank you to Jason and Les! Superstars!

Dallas Robinson       Edmonton   
2022/11/28 Review  

Awesome as always!

Anonymous       Edmonton   
2022/10/04 Review  

You always do amazing helping us. We never go anywhere else.

Dwayne / Susan Vandenbrink       Edmonton   
2022/10/03 Review  

Excellent service.

Trevor Liber       Edmonton   

Les helped me get approved for the car, he is awesome. I am very satisfied.

Jerwin Cruz       Edmonton   
2022/07/28 Review  

Very up front on all vehicles detail and willing to work with us on any issues.

Lori Strome       Edmonton   
2022/07/25 Review  

Great experience, staff very helpful.

Dwayne Bates       Edmonton   
2022/07/11 Review  

Wonderful experience! 10/10 would recommend, quick and easy.

S. Olson       Edmonton   
2022/07/11 Review  

Really well, helped a new driver out.

Christian Girard       Edmonton   
2022/07/11 Review  

Amazing! Great service, friendly & enjoyable! Jason was awesome!

Steve Cullen       Edmonton   
2022/06/27 Review  

Always helpful and pleasant to deal with.

Bobbi Jo Mergel       Edmonton   
2022/06/10 Review  

Always amazing, smooth process, Jason + Les are a pleasure to deal with. We will be customers for life.

Brody Thurston       Edmonton   
2022/05/30 Review  

Very good. Excellent salesmanship and friendly service.

Roger Maccumber       Edmonton   
2022/05/26 Review  

Awesome customer service Rob!!

Katherine Shumski       Edmonton   
2022/05/16 Review  

Did great, got approved quickly and easily.

Sonya Vaters      
2022/05/10 Review  

Fast easy, zero pressure. Fun, down to earth people. They know that stuff happens, that life happens. They will go the extra mile for you. 100% recommend them for your next vehicle purchase.

Kristopher White       Edmonton   
2022/04/26 Review  

Jason is the best. No pressure here, honest sales person. Go see Jason.

William Durka       Edmonton   
2022/04/19 Review  

Very happy with the personal experts.

Amanda Bartmanovich       Edmonton   
2022/04/18 Review  

Very good service (Excellent!) Thank you!

Ron Strachan       Edmonton   
2022/03/30 Review  

Above and beyond helpful and looking to meet our needs. Never pushing to sell. Made sure my disabled husband is accommodated with each purchase as his illness progresses. Always feel like friends when we walk in the door. Vehicles are top shape and everything is disclosed. Excellent.

Jeanette Moonias       Edmonton   

Everything was smooth and calculated. Enjoyed the buying experience.

Jonas Peddigrew       Edmonton   


Lawrence Campeau       Edmonton   

Excellent Experience! Neil was fantastic with being in communication and making sure he knew my needs. He even pushed to get my car traded to make this deal work for me. I am so thankful for the advocacy and kindness shown!

Jennifer Wolfe       Edmonton   

Quick, Efficient, No Hassle. Neil was great!!

Jason Clark       Edmonton   

Great!! The guys at Mac James were super helpful and made the whole experience go so smoothly, would definitely buy from Mac James again.

Justin Walker       Edmonton   

Awesome as always. Pleasure to deal with Mac James.

Todd Hewlett       Edmonton   

I recommend getting a car with them. So helpful and they find what you're looking for.

Doug St. John       Edmonton   

Sales rep was excellent

Alfred Churchill       Edmonton   

Excellent. Fast and positive experience.

Micheal Levy       Edmonton   

Awesome job, always pleased with their service.

Jennifer Williams       Edmonton   

Always helpful and understanding.

Johnny Jaksetic       Edmonton   


Randall Danyluk       Edmonton   

My experience always was pleasant and fantastic. Neil was great, got me into a vehicle I wanted and at a decent price. thank you for a great experience and friendly salesperson.

Germain Regnier       Edmonton   

I have been a customer for many years, this is our 8th car.

Jorge Plaza       Edmonton   

Excellent service, highly recommend to anyone if you are interest in a reliable vehicle.

Maurice Dumont       Edmonton   

Very friendly, Excellent service.

Scott Gillstrom       Edmonton   

Neil was amazing. Extremely professional and made the experience great. Will come back to see Neil in the future. Will recommend to family and friends.

Codey Buck       Edmonton   
2021/07/31 Review  

Fast and quick for paperwork. Amazing customer service.

Tanya Brertton       Edmonton   
2021/07/30 Review  

Very good. Neil was great from start to finish.

Justin O'Donoghue       Edmonton   
2021/07/30 Review  

Excellent! Rave Reviews. No pressure.

Cori Payne       Edmonton   

Very Good.

Corrisa Tallman       Edmonton   

Great Experience! Friendly staff, easy process! I am so happy I was able to get a new car today!

Mariah Hunter       Edmonton   

Amazing! I am very happy with everything, would refer others for sure 🙂

Christine Marsh       Edmonton   

Great Experience! Easy to deal with, quick as well!

Shyla Mcintyre       Edmonton   

Perfect Service 🙂

Charles Auger Wapahoo       Edmonton   

I love the service, everything went smooth.

Timothy Beaver       Edmonton   


Maxine Fehr       Edmonton   

Jason did good, finally got me out of my Santa Fe and got me into a Ford Escape 2017. I think Jason did a really good job.

Kendal Orr       Edmonton   


Shane Whiting      

Very quick and efficient, very professional and friendly.

Tammy Grossett      

Always awesome! Friendly and fast service. Known Jason for over 20 years= Great!!

Lawrence Letendre       Red Earth Creek   

Excellent as always. I have bought many vehicles here and will keep coming back.

Barry Bilau       Edmonton   

Awesome! Great experience. Thank you! Stress free.

Ashley Colbourne       Fort Saskatchewan   

Customer service was great. Jason is very friendly and approachable. No issues.

Mary Rose Arcand       Edmonton   

Everything was great! Rates, Customers service, and Staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. All around great experience.

Jocelyn Boutin       Edmonton   

Les was extremely helpful.

William Mcbride       Edmonton   

Service and website was great! Neil was great to deal with and I will come back again as this is my 5th car/ truck with Mac James. Will let others know how they did.

Robert Jones       Edmonton   

Amazing fast, friendly service. Great staff, accommodating and willing to work with you!

Tamara Clark       Edmonton   

Great! Very friendly and helpful. Will recommend to others.

Monte Borden       Edmonton   

Awesome service from Rob and Neil.

Katherine Shumski       Edmonton   

Fantastic, Quick, Friendly, and Transparent service! will recommend to others.

Jonathan Higdon       Edmonton   


Shannalee Russell Obrien       Edmonton   


Arthur Bennet       Lloydminster   

Its great! Neil was very helpful.

Shannon Morin       Edmonton   

Excellent service every time.

Shawn Macguire       Mirror   

Jason and Les
Over the top service and really thorough on explaining everything. When paperwork did not go so well, Les and Jason went out of their way to make things right. Will recommend to friends and family.

Trevor Ferguson       Edmonton   

Great! Kind and helpful staff, clean office and service was amazing.

Connie Valin       Red Deer   

Great work, was always in contact and was well knowledgeable. They kept us informed.

Blessing Maponga       Edmonton   

Very pleasant and efficient,

Kenneth Letwin       Edmonton   

Great service, they replied back and correspondence on a timely manner.

Mary Ward       Red Deer   

Very helpful. Thank you for all your help.

Krystal La Rose       Edmonton   

Neil did great. He was very patient, understanding and helpful.

Megan Daley       Red Deer   
Hassle free 2019/06/21  

Great, Awesome hassle free

Alex Blanchette       Red Deer   
Made us feel valuable 2019/05/29  

Very well made is feel valuable and that it was a pleasure to work with us.

Edward Johnson       Red Deer   
Amazing! 2019/04/17  

Amazing, Thanks for helping me into a vehicle i could afford.

Stephanie Walters       Red Deer   
Very helpful 2019/03/15  

Very helpful and gave me a good understanding about the vehicle and all that goes with it. Very nice.

JONATHAN LARSON       Red Deer   

Great Sales Manager!

Mario Devost       Edmonton-South   
Amazing!- 2019/02/21  

Amazing experience, would recommend to anyone. Respectable service looking out for your best interest.

Alison Tremblay       Edmonton-South   

Great, Fast, Affordable, Nice People, Efficient!

Nathan Webecky       Edmonton-South   
Very helpful 2019-02-05  

Excellent service, very helpful

Jeff Munro       Red Deer   
Straight Forward-2019/01/31  

Friendly, Straight Forward, No BS

Simon peek       Edmonton-South   
Fantastic!- 2019/01/12  

Fantastic! Graham has been such a big help. Great customer service! Great advise, very thorough!

Meaghan Conlin       Edmonton-South   
awesome! 2019/01/06  

Awesome! Keep it up.

Gary Newell       Red Deer   
Amazing! 2019-01-03  

Neil was Amazing!

Debbie Barwick       Red Deer   

It has been a very up front easy car buying experience!

Michelle Hill       Edmonton-South   
Excellent!- 2018/12/21  

Excellent! Good Cars, Good prices!

Shalane Esau       Edmonton-South   
Helped - 2018/12/13  

Went beyond to help me out!!

William Green       Edmonton-South   
Friendly- 2018/12/05  

Excellent! Entire process was super & friendly!

Chris Newbury       Edmonton-South   
Painless, fast service 2018-12-03  

Awesome! Friendly, painless, fast service.

Sandra Hodder       Red Deer   
Great - 2018/11/30  

My Sale experience went great through Mac James. Everything went smoothly and they worked to get me the payments around what I wanted them to be!

Robyn Shannon       Red Deer, AB   
More than expectation 2018-11-22  

More than met expectation

Chris Woods       Red Deer   

Great & Fast!

Darren Coveyduck       Edmonton-South   
Amazing - 2018/11/03  

My experience has been amazing! The easiest time buying a car ever!!

Stephanie Jagger       Edmonton-South   
Patient and thorough with questions and explanations 2018-10-26  

Every interactions i have had with their staff at Mac James has been positive. they have peen patient and thorough with my questions and their explanations.

Ashley Muhlbach       Red Deer   
Awesome! 2018-10-22  

Awesome! Neil is fantastic

Courtney Strachan       Red Deer   
Pleasant - 2018/1012  

Very Pleasant experience! Made my week!

Shelley Hartman       Edmonton-South   
2018/10/9- Quick  

Very easy to deal with! Quick process!

Dwayne Blackmore       Edmonton-South   
Excellent! - 2018/09/29  

Excellent! explained things very clearly and thoroughly!

Kali Neigel       Edmonton-North   

Chris & Staff were great in everything I needed! - Thank you!

Roland Wyard-Scott       Edmonton-South   
Smooth and easy 2018/09/21  

Everything was smooth and easy, very happy.

Jason Wright       Red Deer   
Excellent!- 2018/09/14  

Excellent Again!

Marty Lefort       Edmonton-South   
Awesome experience! 2018/09/08  

Awesome experience! Neil was very helpful & friendly!

Chris Dade       Red Deer   
Not pushy 2018-09-06  

Great, Not pushy like other dealers.

Joshua Pashak       Red Deer   
Happy with services 2018-08-17  

Very happy with the services

Wanda Graves       Red Deer   
Was Awesome 08-13-2018  

As always was awesome.

Barb Kirby       Red Deer   
Fantastic! 2018/08/10  

Chris Was fantastic! and the process was simple and stress free!

Eva Toth-Wright       Edmonton-South   

Great! Less Stress over many vehicles Mac James Motors have helped us! Thank you!!

Diane Jackson       Edmonton-South   

Great! Everyone was very nice and helpful!

Natalie Griffin       Edmonton-South   

I am very satisfied with my sales experience at Mac James Motors!

Morgan Ross       Edmonton-South   
Informative!- 2018/07/26  

Very nice, friendly, straight forward, informative!

Katrina Neville       Edmonton-South   
Beyond excellent 2018-07-17  

Beyond excellent... Will come back and recommend

Cassandra Doyle       Red Deer   

Awesome! Highly recommend anyone to come and purchase a new car or truck from Mac James and Alberta Auto Credit

Patrick Becker       Edmonton-South   
Amazing!- 2018/07/10  

Chris was amazing! Very informative! Great first time buying a car experience! Very knowledgeable and funny, very friendly!

Samantha Willier       Edmonton-South   
efficient and prompt! 2018-07-09  

Very efficient and prompt!

Jessie Keddy       Red Deer   
Excellent 2018-06-27  


Ben Robbins       Red Deer   
Sales person good 2018-06-13  

I found the sales person very good.

Kenneth Henwood       Red Deer   
Best Car Dealership Ever!-2018/06/08  

Best car dealership I ever talked with. Worked out everything that I needed and wanted, they even helped get my payments to where I wanted them to be as well make sure I can afford the vehicle in the long run!

Fallon Gillies       Edmonton-South   
Awesome!- 2018/06/04  

We have always bought our vehicles from Mac James - This is our third one - The service is awesome!

Richard Lundrigan       Edmonton-North   
Super! - 2018/05/28  

Super excellent service! Chris was friendly and knowledgeable and made my car buying experience a delight!

Kaitlyn Koskinen       Edmonton-South   
Awesome!- 2018/05/25  

I had an awesome experience with Chris during my visit.

Denise Marta       Edmonton-South   

Chris was awesome! He answered all my questions that I had. Did not pressure at anytime. A great experience.

Lea Nicholls       Edmonton-South   
Great!- 2018/05/04  

Great Service! Very helpful and knowledgeable. I got exactly what I was looking for!

Ashley Morin       Edmonton-South   

Stopped in and was greeted and heard out immediately, was show the car I was interested in and took it for a test drive right away. Extremely satisfied!

Chris Mendryk       Edmonton-South   
Very well- 2018/4/19  

Very well! Found a solution for my car issues. I was treated very well with respect & dignity!

NATHAN THOMPSON       Edmonton-South   
Amazing customer service 2018-04-12  

Amazing customer service. Made me feel important and never pushed. One of the best experiences ever buying a car. Would recommend to anyone.

Heather Russell       Red Deer   
Fantastic!- 2018/04/11  

The process of getting my car was well explained and fantastic. The Sales Person was exceptionally helpful and very polite, professional and explained everything in great detail.

Kelly Esser       Edmonton-South   
Fast- 2018/04/06  

It was a very good experience. Fast service and sales!

Peter Kachmarski       Edmonton-South   

It was fast and easy, no stress

Nicole Buhay       Edmonton-South   
2018/03/21 - Professional!  

I found them very professional and friendly! They answered all my questions. I would recommend them with no problem!

Nancy Jordan       Edmonton-South   
Great experience 2018-03-09  

Had a great experience

Melissa Knelson       Red Deer   

Awesome! Wonderful service from all that were involved!

Denise Legge       Edmonton-South   
Easy and painless 2018-02-27  

It was easy and painless and the staff was friendly and accommodating, i would recommend Mac James to all my friends.

Tanner Murray       Red Deer   
Very Informative 2018-02-23  

Excellent. Very Informative. I'm super impressed with the knowledge and quickness of our encounters.

Kyli Scott       Red Deer   
Excellent! - 2018/02/21  

Excellent!, Helpful, fast, kind! Thank you! Chris is Great please keep him!!

Krysta Unger       Edmonton-South   
Well!- 2018/02/22  

Very Well!

Victor Madigan       Edmonton-North   
Courteous! - 2018/02/28  

From the time we walked in the door to the time we drove off with our new car people were courteous, friendly and helpful! Chris made our purchase very simple and efficient. He was a great Salesman who would make us want to come again!

Alex Jurich       Edmonton-South   
Informative!- 2018/2/17  

Graham was very informative and helpful with my car buying experience!

Raymond Lee       Edmonton-North   
Awesome!- 2018/02/15  

My 2nd vehicle with Mac James. Chris was awesome and efficient!

Kylie Belcourt       Edmonton -South   
Great Job!- 2018/02/13  

Great job! was very happy with the service and how quickly things happened!

Nicola Kays       Edmonton-South   
Courteous! - 2018/02/17  

Very Courteous, friendly help with a no rush or pressure kind of attitude!

Christopher Smith       Edmonton-South   

Great. Makes everything easy, never had any problem with any vehicles purchased.

Stuart Trussler       Edmonton:north   
Very Good- 2018/01/26  

Very Good! Pulled all the strings for insurance etc. A huge Help!

Ivan Laszchuk       Edmonton-North   
Awesome! - 2018-01/17  

As always - Awesome!! We love you guys!

Spencer Edgerly       Edmonton-South   
Great! - 2018/01/13  

Great as always!

Bryan Ross       Edmonton-North   
Awesome! - 2018/01/13  

Awesome! Friendly Staff!

Connie Twin       Edmonton-North   
Clear & easy 2018-01-10  

Everything was great, clear & easy.

Jason Wright       Red Deer   
Great to work with 2018-01-08  

Fantastic, friendly, courteous, professional. Neil was great to work with.

Gerry Regnier       Red Deer   
Great!- 2018/01/05  

The Salesman was Great!!

Ron Thompson       Edmonton-South   
Amazing! - 2018/01/04  

Amazing! Super happy, very easy and fast experience. Really do what they can to help you!

Ellora Smith       Edmonton South   
Experience!- 2017-12-29  

Honestly the best experience I've ever had dealing with Auto Sales! You guys Rock!!

Matthew Frank       Edmonton-South   
Extremely helpful! - 2017-12-27  

Jason looked after us very well and was extremely helpful.

Bruce Murray       Edmonton North   
Experience was first class 2017-12-15  

The Experience was first class from start to finish. Courteous, very helpful, very transparent. A chance to have a vehicle, well priced vehicle. Les was the best. Neil was my first contract also outstanding.

John Kmera       Red Deer   
No Pressure 2017-12-15  

Service was excellent. No pressure.

Anne and Albert Wills       Red Deer   
Excellent customer service! - 2017-12-07  

Exceptional service, very informative and pleasant. Excellent customer service.

Sherry Edwards       Edmonton North   

It was all an awesome experience! They made it real easy and enjoyable! It was also very quick especially when you are from out of town!

Tony Burton       Red Deer, AB   
Helpful!- 2017/11/30  

Very good experience! Chris was very helpful in explaining my credit situation, also very helpful finding a vehicle to suit my needs and budget!

Christian Brilz       Edmonton-South   
Wouldnt deal anywhere else 2017-11-29  

I wouldn't deal anywhere else. Awesome company and people.

Bruce Clark       Red Deer   

We were referred by a friend to come and see Chris. He was great, made sure our needs were met and got us into a car that will work great!

Michelle laurent       Edmonton-South   
Fast and easy! - 2017-11-17  

Sales rep was very good, made everything fast and easy.

Chris Weingarten       Edmonton North   
Good! - 2017-11-10  

Good, real good.

Alfred Brule       Edmonton North   
Impressed! - 2017/11/04  

I am beyond impressed with the service I have received. My Sales Consultant (Chris) was courteous and very helpful throughout the whole process. I was happy with the level of detail and commitment I observed. I am very glad I was referred by a former customer and will happily refer anyone interested in getting a vehicle to come to Mac James Motors!!

Fiona Changirwa      
Very pleased! - 2017-11-03  

Helpful, great service, understood everything that was relayed to me. Would refer a friend and I am very pleased with my purchase.

Faye Wuttunee       Edmonton North   
Professional! - 2017-10-28  

One of the nicest experiences. Very friendly, competent and professional.

Pierre Gaudette       Edmonton North   
Awesome! - 2017/10/24  

Awesome! Very Helpful!

Natasha Walton       Edmonton-South   
Wonderful and easy to deal with! 2017-10-21  

It was wonderful. Neil was very kind and was easy to work with. It was wonderful dealing with Mac James again.

Easy to work with! - 2017-10-20  

Excellent - Fast, friendly, easy to work with! Loved my experience! Super happy customer!

Kalya Collins       Edmonton North   
Awesome! - 2017-10-13  

Awesome Job!!

Sharrie Sinclair       Edmonton North   
Experience was wonderful! 2017-10-12  

My experience has been wonderful. Staff was very helpful in getting me into a new vehicle quickly!

Keara Miller       Red Deer   
Great! - 2017-10-10  


Steve Noble       Edmonton North   
Excellent! - 2017-10-05  

Excellent! the overall experience was great!

PATRICK GALLAGHER       Edmonton-South   
Great! - 2017-10-03  

It was Great! Fast and Easy!

JANELLE MUNDY       Edmonton-South   
Stress free! - 2017-09-30  

Awesome experience, the most stress free vehicle purchase I have ever made. I would highly recommend Mac James Motors to anyone to purchase a vehicle. Jason, you go above and beyond and I sincerely thank you. You are the best!

Michelle King       Edmonton North   
Good! - 2017-09-29  

Very good.

Katherine Thir       Edmonton North   
Excellent - 2017-09-26  

In my personal opinion Mac James Motors did excellent.

Sharlene Morris       Red deer   
Helpful! | 2017-09-25  

We thought they were very helpful in helping us find a car that we liked and helped us with a good payment plan we could do every month.

Grant and Dawn E.       Edmonton North   
Amazing! - 2017-09-25  

Amazing! Getting our next "new" vehicle from here too!!

Susan Scott      
Well done! | 2017-09-20  

You did awesome

Jeanette Brertton       Edmonton North   
Great! | 2017-09-14  


Brian and Selina Robdrup       Edmonton North   
Easy! | 2017-09-11  

Well Done!

Terry & Franki Grasby       Edmonton-South   
Amazing! | 2017-09-09  

Amazing! So helpful and nice. What a great experience!

Nicole Mowat       Edmonton-South   
Informative! | 2017-09-06  

Our Sales person Chris was very informative and explained everything in full detail. Any questions I had he answered fully.

Amanda Kornum       Edmonton - South   
Great | 2017-09-05  

Always a great experience.

Pam Beveridge       Edmonton North   
Knowledgeable! | 2017-09-02  

Les was very Knowledgeable and explained everything perfectly!

Tyler Giles       Edmonton South   
Awesome! | 2017-08-28  

Awesome as Usual!

Spencer Edgerly       Edmonton-South   
Jodi Hamilton | 2017-08-25  

Everything is always quick and easy

Jodi Hamilton       Edmonton North   
Pleasant | 2017-08-16  

My experience was very Pleasant! Neal explained everything very well and he helped me find the car I wanted! I'm very happy with my experience here!

Carl Olsen       Red Deer   
Great | 2017-08-14  

This was a Great experience and I will be referring people to your Business! Thanks

Gina Donald-Potskin       Northside   
Excellent! | 2017-08-09  

Excellent! My mom purchased a vehicle from Jason Fry and I am a very satisfied Customer! Will be back again!

Mike Czaja       Northside   
Excellent Service | 2017-08-02  

This is my second time purchasing here and both times the service was excellent. 5 stars both times.

Terry Nims       Stettler Red Deer   
Great people, great everything!!! | 2017-08-02  

It was awesome! Great people, great everything. It was fast, on point, and most of all the service was awesome! They worked with me every step of the way.

Mike Slywka       North Edmonton   
Awesome Experience! | 2017-08-02  

My experience was awesome!! Very friendly and thorough, all in all great service!!

Elaine Osburn       North Edmonton   
Stress Free and Accomodating Staff | 2017-08-02  

My experience through the whole thing was stress free and the Sales Staff were very accommodating to my needs and worked with me!

Cory Lake       Edmonton South   
Saving me time on paperwork. | 2017-08-02  

James offered help through email, saving me time on paperwork. Everyone is friendly at Mac James!

Mary Ward       South Edmonton   
Experience! | 2017-08-02  

Great experience! Jason was great to deal with!

Steven Buck       Northside   
Great! | 2017-07-27  

It was Great! Very low pressure! Would highly recommend!

Melinda Verge       Northside   
Easy!- 2017/01/04  

The process for approval was efficient and easy. Excellent inventory and vehicle options available. Chris was very comfortable to work with, went through all our options and gave us the best picture for making a decision on Mac James and getting into a vehicle!!! Definitely recommend and use again.

Chris & Courtney       Edmonton-South   
2023/09/20 Review  

Got me into an affordable vehicle with good payment plan and it was all done quickly and professionally.

Milenko Trkulja       Edmonton   
2022/05/15 Review  

Good, very helpful to get me back on the road with a new vehicle.

Ramona Yatchotay       Edmonton   
2023/03/31 Review  

Great experience, helpful salesmen, quick and professional.

Christina Sturgeon       Edmonton   
2023/03/30 Review  


Ted Hardie       Edmonton   
2023/01/25 Review  

Very good, will definitely recommend.

Derek Wolfe       Edmonton   
2022/12/29 Review  

Very satisfied with my entire experience. I'll highly recommend Mac James Motors to my friends and family.

Mckenzie Bjarnason       Edmonton   
2022/12/07 Review  

I loved the service, Jason explained himself very well. Now I don't feel so nervous anymore.

lucille Noskiye       Edmonton   
2022/11/04 Review  

Sales person was great. Great service, much appreciated.

Tashina Paul       Edmonton   
2022/10/3 Review  

Customer service was great.

Barb Connor       Edmonton   
2022/09/29 Review  

Totally Awesome- Jason Fry is the best.

Ron Rook       Edmonton   
2022/08/02 Review  

Perfect, great job working with the representative.

Russell Roach       Edmonton   
2022/07/26 Review  

Your commercials are not wrong, the only pressure is in the tires. Been good to me from day one, and I tell my friends to shop here.

James Schmidt       Edmonton   
2022/07/11 Review  

Excellent service, I am very satisfied with my experience. Jason was great!

Clayton Clark       Edmonton   
2022/07/11 Review  

10/10 would recommend, excellent service.

Shyann Friesen       Edmonton   
2022/07/11 Review  

Excellent, fast, friendly and knowledgeable.

Chris Weingarten       Edmonton   
2022/06/28 Review  


Jr & Joan Bendekovics       Edmonton   
2022/06/22 Review  

Wonderful experience yet again. Will go no where else, love dealing with Jason.

Linda Trendall       Edmonton   
2022/06/03 Review  

Great service, great people, overall a great experience.

Adam Barry       Edmonton   
2022/05/27 Review  

Very professional and easy to understand. So pleasant to talk to, very knowledgeable.

Peyton Mcintyre       Edmonton   
2022/05/24 Review  


Simon Beaver       Edmonton   
2022/05/16 Review  

I am a returning customer and I will continue to come back! Best service ever.

Tara Mannion       Edmonton   
2022/05/06 Review  

Very good experience. Easy, no stress.

John Litke       Edmonton   
2022/04/25 Review  

Amazing experience, quick easy and felt like trusted friend, not a sales man! Will be recommending for sure.

Mary Rose Felton       Edmonton   
2022/04/18 Review  

Always can count on Jason to get me a vehicle. Fast response, friendly and good at working with people. Edna

Edna Desjarlais       Edmonton   
2022/04/04 Review  

Excellent. Fast, enjoyable service. No fuss, no muss.

Kim Stewart       Edmonton   
03/28/2022 Review  

Very good sales and service, satisfied.

Charles Moller       Edmonton   

You guys did awesome. Always a pleasure doing business.

Joel Aquin       Edmonton   

Neil was incredible to deal with, great with answering our questions (and we had a lot). He was also very kind and went above and beyond with helping us make our minds up on what we wanted to do and the next steps. I would highly recommend dealing with Neil and he has an amazing personality as well.

Karma Smout       Edmonton   

Overall, once we established boundaries, things have gotten much better over time to the point where we just traded in and bought an upgraded vehicle.

David Foster       Edmonton   
2021/12/30 Review  

Awesome Experience. Jason was friendly, polite and professional. Great Experience, would highly recommend!

Laurie       Edmonton   

I am very happy with the service I received.

Kelly Young       Edmonton   

Excellent! Neil kept following up and helping me with any issues that arises.

Crystal Marshall       Edmonton   

Excellent service! happy with the recent purchase. A happy customer

Judy Krupa       Edmonton   

Excellent customer service. Jason is always extremely helpful in any situation.

Nadene Glass       Edmonton   

Excellent as always. Wish north side store was still open.

Christina Moonias       Edmonton   

Excellent, fast service and I was in my car in one day. Highly recommend this company if you are having some credit issues. The team us wonderful; left with piece in mind.

NATASHA LEHN       Edmonton   

Everything has been great, prompt in replies, friendly, and very accommodating.

Teryl Weate       Edmonton   

Excellent, great experience and service stands up to the commercials, will recommend to others.

Jim Yurko       Edmonton   

Jason was awesome from the very 1st call to the very end of the purchasing process. Awesome experience, very understanding.

Lori Slater       Edmonton   

Very Well.

Alechia English       Edmonton   

Fast service. No Hassle

Kelly Bishop       Edmonton   

Awesome. I just wish the North side stayed open.

Connie Twin       Edmonton   
2021/08/03 Review  

Fantastic! Very helpful, quick and transparent service!

Amber Paquette       Edmonton   
2021/07/31 Review  

I remember Gary and hope he is enjoying retirement 🙂 Jason is always awesome and thorough.

Joanna Campiou       Edmonton   
2021/07/30 Review  

Good service. Fast.

Heather Alook       Edmonton   
2021/07/29 Review  

Excellent staff and service. Very personable.

Gerry Betts       Edmonton   

Jason was amazing! From the internet online application to picking up the vehicle, he was on top of everything. He was upfront and knowledgeable, he made me feel so comfortable with the entire process. Thank you for making my day! 🙂

Angie Reyne       Edmonton   

Our experience with Mac James was awesome, as it has been the other times that we have dealt with with them. Jason is an incredible guy that makes you feel very good and he is the ultimate professional!

Vera Toth       Edmonton   

Great, very happy.

Misty Nordli       Edmonton   

Very easy process. Great to work with.

Kelly Hill      

Great job. Jason was very easy to deal with. No issues, great service as always. A TV in the lobby would be nice to have so the kids can be occupied while doing the deal.

Bill Durka       Edmonton   

The sales rep was great.

Coreen Houle       Edmonton   

Very Pleased they got me approved. Very high interest rate though.

Jose Ramirez       Edmonton   

Great experience no issues fast going. Quick and Easy.

Talan Gorton      

Easy quick approval and great service, they had the car looked at before signing and were straight forward and made the process easy and enjoyable.

David Smith       Edmonton   

Neil was absolutely wonderful, he made buying a vehicle stress free. I am very pleased.

Nadine Elkayal       Edmonton   

My experience is always good, very efficient, prompt. friendly.

Karen Greyeyes       Edmonton   

Jason is an awesome salesman and I would refer him to anyone.

Amanda Blondin       Fort Saskatchewan   

Awesome. On vehicle #5. They stand behind their vehicles.

Stuart Trussler       Edmonton   

You guys are amazing. I love this place, you are thorough and helpful.

Shylo Johnson       Edmonton   

Fantastic service, just need more selection of vehicles.

Peter Gibbons       Busby   

I had such a great experience! Service was great and friendly. Very happy with everything

Desseray Alvarado       Edmonton   

Very easy and friendly service. Quick and straight to the point!

Dennis Hayter       Edmonton   

Neil is excellent to deal with.

Maria Gillespie       Edmonton   


Brandon Bishop       Edmonton   

Good job, clear instructions and easy to deal with.

William Darrell Gunn       Red Deer   

Great job! Jason was fantastic.

Rodney Day       Edmonton   

No pressure, informative, and friendly salesperson. Had vehicles lined up and ready for me to test drive. Good experience all around.

David Ackroyd       Edmonton   

Very Good! I am very happy. Thank you.

Freddie Starling       Beaumont   

Very straight forward.

Roy Smith       Edmonton   

I am so grateful that I stopped at Mac James. My sales manager, Neil Scullion, was awesome. He made this sale go so smooth and he explained everything.

Susan Shah       Edmonton   

Awesome job, thanks Neil.

Laura Turnbull       Red Deer   

Neil has been an absolute rock star throughout this whole experience. I have and will continue to recommend Mac James to my friends and family.

Ashley Muhlbach       Red Deer   


Michael Rogers       Wetaskiwin   

Absolutely Wonderful! Amazing customer service.

Katherine Harris       Edmonton   

Very Good!

Jessica Creamer       Red Deer   

This was a really great experience. A lot smoother than I thought it would be. Great job!

Monte Borden       Edmonton   
Great!! 2019/07/02  


Michelle Yarbrough       Red Deer   
Super polite and helpful 2019/06/20  

Very courteous, super polite and helpful. Everything was done efficiently and in a "clean" manner

Luc Mallet       Red Deer   
Well 2018/05/28  


Wanda Temple       Red Deer   
Great job 2019/04/12  

As always great job

JEANETTE FOSS       Red Deer   


Jolene Strid       Edmonton-South   
Excellent customer service 2019-02-28  

Awesome, Excellent customer service. A very happy Mac James customer. Never felt pressured. Neil was amazing to deal with!

Michelle Rudy       Red Deer   
Fantastic Job!-2019/02/19  

Fantastic job!! Very helpful with selecting a vehicle & arranging financing! Definitely will recommend!

Jeffrey Hooper       Edmonton South   
Awesome!- 2019/02/08  

Awesome, very nice people to work with!

Angele Werner       Edmonton-South   
Excellent!- 2019/02/02  

Excellent service, Graham and Rob provided me with all of the answers I needed and helped set me up with vehicle I was looking for!

Christopher Weldon       Edmonton-South   
Efficient! - 2019/01/17  

Awesome! Efficient! Fast!!

Amanda Benoit       Edmonton-South   

Totally Awesome!!!

David Whyte       Edmonton-South   

Graham was very polite, very thorough! Very Happy!

Kimberley Robertson       Edmonton-South   
Awesome!- 2019/02/01  

Awesome! Very easy and quick to work with!

Gail Peddle       Edmonton-South   
Excellent!- 2018/12/24  

Excellent Service from the start to finish! First Dealership that seems to actually care about you!

Jason Irwin       Edmonton-North   
Awesome to deal with 2018-12-14  

Great, Neil is awesome & great to deal with.

Danial Clark       Red Deer   
Excellent! 2018-12-08  

Excellent! Neil is fantastic & easy to deal with 🙂

Cailin Helm       Red Deer   
Very helpful 2018-12-04  

Very Helpful

Leonard Skinner       Red Deer   
Worked out-2018/12/01  

Second vehicle I have bought from Mac James as well as referred people to Mac James. In the end Graham worked out!

Sheena Simkins       Edmonton-South   
Fast, Convenient 2018-11-22  

Great knowledge, fast convenient

Kimberly Mowat       Red Deer   
Very Professional 2018-11-22  

Very professional ad courteous staff

Arthur St. Louis       Red Deer   
Great if not best experience buying a vehicle! 2018-11-05  

Friendly, Quick, Efficient, straightforward, comprehensive and open book. Great, if not best, experience, buying a vehicle! Thanks Neil!

Frederique Ouellet       Red Deer   
Awesome! - 2018/10/31  

Did Awesome! Graham was super helpful in getting me the right car for me and my family. Patient person and was a hassle free process!

Farida Dahir       Edmonton-South   

Amazing service! Best I've ever had! Thought I was out of luck until I found your dealership! Never been so satisfied!

Karen Buckingham       Edmonton-South   
Very Pleasant 2018-10-16  

It was very pleasant. Neil was awesome!

Ryan O Donoghue       Red Deer   
4th time customer 2018-10-10  

Excellent, 4th time customer.

Patrick Frenette       Red Deer   
Fast and friendly 2018-10-05  

Very fast & friendly.

Mike Speckeen       Red Deer   

Always a great experience. Sales Staff are friendly to deal with! Mac James is the best place for me to go when requiring a newer vehicle. Always treated with respect!

Brenda Carle       Edmonton-South   

Chris was super helpful in finding a vehicle that fit my needs. He was knowledgeable in the vehicle that I chose, and made sure everything ran smoothly!

Courtney Tate       Edmonton-South   
Excellent!- 2018/09/15  

Excellent Services! Thank you Les & Chris!

Deanna Hasenuik       Edmonton-South   
Excellent fast service 2018-09-10  

Excellent fast service

Angela Bergerson       Red Deer   
2018/09/07- Helpful!  

Chris the Salesman was very honest and helpful! He was prompt and saved us after a humble experience somewhere else. Definitely recommend Mac James to all of our friends & family!

Gwendolyn Osborne       Edmonton-South   
Extremely helpful 2018-08-18  

Awesome, Extremely helpful

Jamey Engele       Red Deer   
Pleasant experience all around 2018-08-16  

You did excellent very accommodating it was a pleasant experience all around.

Sherri Roberts       Red Deer   
Great Service!-2018/08/13  

Great Service! Great People! Faster than expected.

Taylor Bell       Edmonton-South   
Awesome! - 2018/08/09  

Chris was awesome from the time I first spoke with him on the phone. He explained everything in detail and made me feel confident in my decision.

Sarah Valois       Edmonton-South   
Professional and efficient 2018-08-03  

This experience was professional and efficient. I will be dealing and recommending Mac James Auto to friends and family in the future.

Jeremy Groening       Red Deer   
Wonderful 2018-08-01  

Wonderful 🙂

Angela Russell       Red Deer   
Very Well-2018/07/28  

I was treated very well and will go back for the next vehicle that I need and will tell other friends!

Daniel Wells       Edmonton-Red Deer   
Fantastic!- 2018/07/20  

It was fantastic! I would tell people to come here, everyone is very friendly and they go out of there way to help you!

Ivy Toope       Edmonton-South   
Great Service!- 2018/07/16  

Quick, clear and professional! Great Service All Around!

Jessie Vanden Enden       Edmonton-South   
Amazing! - 2018/07/13  

Amazing Job!

Katherine Halligan/Angela Jurich       Edmonton-South   
Answered all questions and no pressure 2018-07-09  

Amazing, Chris ad Neil were both super helpful. Answered all questions and no pressure.

Sierra Kwas       Red Deer   

Phenomenal! Were able to explain the whole process of documents, no pressure into buying something we didn't want! Comfortable!!

Samatha Thiele       Edmonton-South   

We are very satisfied with everything they have done for us. Gone above and beyond to make things happen for us! Would not go anywhere else after this.

MICHAEL GOFFIC       Edmonton-South   
Serivce was excellent 2018-06-2018  

The service was excellent and Neil was very good at explaining everything.

Suzanne Baran       Red Deer   
Nice!- 2018-06/05  

Very Well, Nice Staff!, Very well informed.

Wayne Tilburt       Edmonton-North   
Excellent!- 2018/06/02  


Brandon Bishop       Edmonton-South   
Friendly and informative 2018-05-25  

Fantastic! Very friendly and informative. Will definitely recommend to other people.

Gordon Weber       Red Deer   
They had what I wanted 2018-05-16  

Very good. They had what i wanted ad helped me buy it.

NADIA MALLET       Red Deer   
Great!- 2018/05/10  

Great Experience! Was treated fairly and shown a vehicle I really liked. Was a quick and painless transaction!

Mathew Nelson       Edmonton-South   

I was treated with nothing but respect! Having to take a step backwards financially in my life. Mac James has made this an easy experience!

KELLY FURNELL       Edmonton-South   
Awesome!- 2018/04/23  

Awesome! Chris Jelfs was amazing!

COLEBY PETTIGREW       Edmonton-South   
Great! -2018/04/19  

Everyone was great! extremely helpful and accommodating! I will definitely be recommending to others!

Amanda Tumanowicz       Edmonton-South   


Rick Gosse       Edmonton-South   
Excellent!- 2018/04/11  

Excellent! I am very pleased! Everything was easy going!!

Courtney Roberts       Edmonton-South   
Helped out 2018-03-28  

Neil helped us out with our vehicle purchase

Steven Robertson       Red Deer   
Fantastic!- 2018/03/22  

Fantastic! So happy with the service and information received. Assistance on every aspect of purchase, credit re-building, insurance, maintenance. Chris is awesome!

Catherine Ryan       Edmonton-South   
Love the vehicle we got 2018-03-14  

Called the office spoke to Neil and he was very cooperative and did a financial check. Treated well love the vehicle we got.

Yvonne Thurber       Red Deer   
awesomely 2018-03-08  


Dwayne Maloney       Red Deer   
Excellent!- 2018/02/28  

You guys are excellent!! very friendly, very thorough. Any questions that I had you answered very knowledgeable!

Cindy Ible       Edmonton-South   

Wonderful!!! 11 out of 10!

Samantha Astika       Edmonton-South   


Ashtyn Palmerchuk       Edmonton-South   
Amazing! - 2018/02/22  

Did an amazing job getting us into a vehicle we liked with the options and great payments!

Katherine Halligan/Angela Jurich       Edmonton-South   

Chris Jelfs was our contact/finance/salesperson. We felt very welcome, listened to and understood about our situation. Financing an appropriate vehicle was quick and easy as Chris narrowed the field down to one vehicle based on our budget and feature "wants". By far the most efficient and pleasant experience with Chris.

DAVID KRULICKI       Edmonton-South   
Honest!- 2018/02/17  

Went above and beyond to help me get a much more reliable vehicle. Chris was very thorough and honest going through everything with us clearly!

Troy Ziegler       Edmonton-South   
Exceptionally great 2018-02-15  

Exceptionally Great

Charles Smith       Red Deer   
"Efficient" 2018/02/13  

Chris was very Efficient with experience in everything about the vehicle - 10 out of 10!!

William Wozniuk       Edmonton-South   
Very Easy!-2018/02/13  

Manager Robert made the final process very easy and he explained everything very well which is needed these days! Chris was a big reason to buy from Southside location, very funny, kind & respectful!

Corinna Hawkins       Edmonton-South   
Good Job 2018-02-06  

Good Job

Agatha Klassen       Red Deer   
Awesome! - 2018/01/27  

Awesome! Everything was fast and easy!

Tasha Stremel       Edmonton-South   
Great! - 2018-01-19  

It's been a great experience! I feel listened to and treated with respect!

Craig Munro       Edmonton-South   
Very Good- 2018/01/17  

Very good, very speedy at getting me approved, very understanding!

Justyna Campbell       Edmonton-South   
Great!- 2018/01/13  

The experience was great the test drive was great and this is my 4th vehicle with Mac James and I love the Sales Team and the Finance Company!

Robert Jones       Edmonton-South   
Excellent! - 2018/01/12  

Salesmanship Excellent! Overall experience great!

Darin Hagen       Edmonton-South   
Awesome! - 2018/01/09  

You guys were awesome! Helpful and extremely patient! Very Happy!

Shawn Gordon       Edmonton-North   

Really Good!! We were very satisfied in Chris he was very helpful!

Mervin Flamond       Edmonton-South   
Fantastic!- 2018/05/18  

Fantastic as always!! The best Customer Service!!

Martha Martinez       Edmonton-South   
Amazing! - 2017/12/29  

Amazing as always! Chris is very personable and friendly. Goes the extra mile, will refer him and this Company to everyone I know! I owe Chris dinner!!!

Stacalee Borden       Edmonton-South   
Will recommend 2017-12-28  

Good and will recommend to friends and family.

Kayley Lafleche       Red Deer   
Great!! 2017-12-20  

Great!! All info Provided before i signed 🙂

Susan Carter       Red Deer   
Patient, and no pressure 2017-12-15  

They did a good job since i inquired up to the last minute of my decision. They answer all my inquiries patiently. They explained me well and they didnt force me to get the car. I always have options and they let me decide. They gave me options and it really helped me alot to decide. "Les" did an excellent job even Neil everything he was on holiday. He still extended his help. I Absolutely recommend the Mac James.

Louie       Red Deer   
Excellent! - 2017/12/09  

Excellent Experience! No complaints what so ever!

Dougie Guey       Edmonton-South   

Amazing! The best service and most helpful people I have ever dealt with!

James Schmidt       Edmonton-South   
Great job! - 2017-11-30  

Great job, very helpful.

Ken Smith       Edmonton North   
Exceptional!- 2017/11/29  

Service Was exceptional!!

Randahl Green       Edmonton-South   
Very Happy 2017-11-25  

Very Happy with Neil. He was very helpful.

Kimberly Ruf       Red Deer   
Great Experience- 2017/11/24  

Great Experience! will recommend to friends and family!

John Richard       Edmonton South   
Friendly Environment!- 2017/11/15  

Straight forward, good explanation of terms and documents!! Friendly Environment!!!

Benoit Auclair       Edmonton-South   
Great! - 2017/11/06  


Amber Sikorski       Edmonton-South   
Great job very happy  

My experience for the second time was fantastic. Neil did a great job very happy. Thanks Neil

Kyle King       RED DEER   
No pressure sales! - 2017/11/03  

Very great service, very professional, excellent service, no pressure sales, very knowledgeable.

Jarod DeAlexandra       Edmonton North   
Friendly! - 2017-10-24  

Awesome!!! Friendly!!!

Evelyn Rook       Edmonton North   
Excellent! - 2017/10/24  

Excellent experience! Quick, Friendly and Efficient!!

Hayley Gillis       Edmonton-South   
Very efficient! - 2017-10-21  

Very smooth transaction. Jason was very efficient.

Carson Clarke       Edmonton North   
Excellent! - 2017-10-18  

Excellent service.

Vi Jackson       Edmonton North   
Excellent and professional 2017-10-13  

Excellent customer service. Professional staff.

Michelle Barefoot       Red Deer   
Helpful! - 2017-10-10  

This is our second vehicle with Mac James. The staff has always been helpful! I recommend Mac James to anyone I know that needs a vehicle!

Erika Letendre       Edmonton-South   
Helpful! - 2017-10-07  

The Sales Rep was very helpful!

PETER BOKSTEYN       Red Deer   

The Sales People were very helpful in all my needs to make sure I was able to purchase this vehicle as quickly as possible!

ROGER MACCUMBER       Edmonton-South   
Great service! - 2017-10-01  

It was great service - made you feel appreciated and I am a returning customer. They made it possible financially to be able to afford the vehicle you're in.

Yvonne Olson       Edmonton North   
GREAT! - 2017-09-30  


Helpful! - 2017-09-28  

Very Helpful and knowledgeable!

Mike Lalonde       Edmonton-South   
Fantastic! - 2017-09-26  

Fantastic! Service was quick and easy!

Cheryl MacPherson       Edmonton-South   
Excellent! - 2017-09-25  

Very pleased on the patience and understanding! Very good Customer Service! Excellent!

Kara Webb       Edmonton South   
Great to deal with! - 2017-09-25  

You did very good and very pleased with service and prices and Jason is great to deal with you.

Ross Munro       Edmonton North   
Helpful! | 2017-09-14  

Best experience I ever had. So helpful, they stick to their word when they tell you what they're going to do. Make you feel like family. I can honestly say I love Mac James Motors.

Richard Klyne       Edmonton North   
Great! | 2017-09-14  

Great Experience!

Steven Brown       Edmonton-South   
Friendly! | 2017-09-11  

Mac James Motors was a great and friendly experience and our family will be back

Andrew Hartt       Edmonton North   
No Pressure! | 2017-09-08  

Very smooth transaction. Chris/Sales got everything completed very quickly & effortlessly. There was absolutely no pressure and he was able to answer all my questions.

Crystal Marshall       Edmonton-South   
Fantastic! | 2017-09-05  

Chris was fantastic! He tolerated all my crazy thoughts & questions.

Sabina Gibbs       Edmonton - South   
Jordan Mandryk | 2017-09-02  

Could not ask for any better.

Jordan Mandryk       Edmonton North   
Excellent! | 2017-09-01  

Excellent! Excellent Customer Service! Knowledgeable.

Sonya Rowe/James Vaters       Edmonton South   
Great! | 2017-08-25  

Sales Guy was Great!

John Rogers       Edmonton   
Awesome! | 2017-08-21  

Awesome! Thanks so much!

Mandi Bardenhagen       Red Deer   
Excellent | 2017-08-14  

Excellent Service! Easy and friendly to finance a vehicle

Suzanne Rafters       Northside   
Fantastic! | 2017-08-10  

This is purchase number 8! Always fantastic service here!

Elizabeth Dunleavy/Joy Grant       Northside   
Experience! | 2017-08-03  

Always a Top Notch Experience! Will keep coming back!

Jennifer Prosser-Wann       Red Deer   
Great, Fast, Friendly and Informative! | 2017-08-02  

Great, fast friendly and informative. Couldn’t have gone smoother!

Dustin Chrapko       South Edmonton   
Good Reviews! | 2017-08-02  

I heard about you through the internet! Read good reviews!

Tasneem Dosani       South Edmonton   
awesome sales representative | 2017-08-02  

James is an awesome sales representative! Explained everything well and gave me options. The whole process and experience was amazing, I’m happy I got the perfect vehicle I wanted. Good customer service, I would definitely recommend Mac James Motors!

Caroline Tolentino       North Edmonton   
Excellent service, very helpful! | 2017-08-02  

Excellent service, very helpful!

David Langley       Red Deer   
Excellent Service | 2017-08-02  

Excellent service and friendly Sales Staff! Huge choice of quality cars

Gerald Barabash       Stony Plain   
Experience! | 2017-08-02  

Great Experience! Jason was Great to deal with!

Steven Buck       Northside   
Great experience. | 2017-07-22  

Helpful and courteous. Hassle free sales.

Kirsty Byers       Edmonton