7 Gifts for the Serious Car Lover in Your Life

 December 21, 2017  10:23 AM
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Have you ever found yourself at Canadian Tire, staring at the high, fully-stocked shelves of car gear in helplessness? Have you ever left the store puzzled, still wondering what gift to buy the car lover in your life?

That’s ok – you’re not alone.  

To be honest, car people can be hard to shop for if you’re not a total gear-head yourself. There are just so many things to choose from, and so many variations of each tool and item…

And that’s why we’ve made a super easy-to-read list of 7 items a car lover would enjoy unwrapping this Christmas. Take a look and get shopping!


  1. Riparo Driving Gloves
    Riparo Driving Gloves || Mac James Gift Guide 2017
    These genuine leather driving gloves are the perfect way to elevate the driving experience. The wrist straps hold strong, the material feels soft inside and out, and you feel classy AF.
  2. Streamlight Pro TAC hl-x FlashlightStreamlight Pro Flashlight || Mac James Gift Guide 2017If you’re scrounging around beneath the undercarriage of a car to fix a leak, it sure helps to have good lighting. This 1000-lumen tactical light has multi-battery versatility, which means you can always use primary disposable cells to power the light if your rechargeable cell is out of power or a charging source is not available. To top it off, the light’s aluminum housing comes with type II Military spec anodizing to help make it extremely durable and abrasion resistant.
  3. Dewalt 200 Piece Mechanics Set
    Dewalt Mechanics Set || Mac James Gift Guide 2017
    A perfect starter set for the home-mechanic. If they’re the tinkering type, this is a high quality gift they will doubtlessly enjoy. The Dewalt 200 piece set covers all the bases and has excellent workmanship to ensure longevity.
  4.  Speedometer and Gas Gauge Cufflinks
    Speedometer Cufflinks || Mac James Gift Guide 2017 Can’t be fancy without these bad boys! Buy a set of these sleek speedometer/gas gauge cufflinks for your favourite car guy. They’re unique and interesting without being ridiculously over the top.
  5. Ferrari F4-40 Lego Set
    Ferrari F4-40 Lego Set || Mac James Gift Guide 2017

    Is there really anyone who hates on the classic F4-40? This lego set is sure to bring satisfaction to anyone who enjoys a challenge, or likes collectible items.
  6. Leather Keychain
    Leather Keychain || Mac James Gift GuideThis is one gift you can  never, ever go wrong with. A classic leather keychain is minimalist, long-lasting, useful, and classy.
  7. Leather Cleaner Conditioner and CleanerLeather Cleaner || Mac James Gift Guide 2017
    Got leather seats? Then your car lover will  need leather cleaner. Simple math. No one’s perfect when it comes to keeping car seats impeccable. Unwrapping a set of leather cleaner for their car is sure to earn you some grateful smiles this Christmas.

With this list in hand, you’re all set for holiday success. Don’t procrastinate your shopping this year and make your favourite auto-fanatic smile!


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