Never Sleep Again – 5 of the Scariest Car Horror Stories

 October 23, 2018  1:59 PM


In the spirit of Halloween, we’d like to share some of the creepiest car stories we’ve heard this year.


Good luck driving alone at night after reading these!


Ghost Tractor

“Being stupid and young (don’t most of these stories start that way), a group of my friends and I decided it would be a good idea to leave early one morning and drive to Kings Island in Cincinnati, OH (about 4 hours from us) and be there when it opened, stay till it closed and drive back.

We were in 3 different cars, and because my friend and I smoked at the time (I quit years ago), we had my car to ourselves. We were going south on 75, coming down Jellico mountain, and we were about an hour from home. All of the sudden, I saw a stopped tractor-trailer rig in front of me. I jerked the wheel hard to miss it and fishtailed a bit and got it back under control, only to look back and realize there was nothing there. Nothing too unusual about a really tired person hallucinating, but my friend looked over at me and asked if I saw the tractor-trailer rig too. Neither of us had been drinking and the night and road were completely clear.

The people in the car behind us did not see anything. This was without a doubt one of the strangest things to ever happen to me.”


Ominous Road Stop

I was up in VT (Vermont) coming back from a friends cabin. I was leaving late at night because my grandmother was in the hospital – one of those “we don’t think she is coming home” visits. I left the cabin at about 2 AM and just threw the hospital’s address in my GPS.


I get about 2 hours into the journey and really need to [relieve myself] so I pull off at this desolate visitor centre where not a single car is. The bathrooms are locked but they had a couple of porta-potties outside so I use that. I take the longest pee of my life and open the door to find a guy just waiting outside on the one I was in (there were four units in a row). He just looks at me in a cold and sterile voice and says “Be careful out there, you never know what kind of weirdos you will find.”


I have to stop here for a second. Why would you say this to a person in the middle of VT at 4AM? Why was he waiting for my stall? WTF?


Anyways, the other odd thing was he must have been driving the only other vehicle there – an 18-wheeler. How did I not hear that thing come into the rest area? I speed walk the hell back to my car and drive away as quickly as possible. Going way too fast in moose country not only because of my grandmother but now I was really freaked out by this guy. I kept thinking back to his face. Nothing seemed right about the dude. His blank stare. His voice. He even had a weird smell that I can’t really describe that was both strong but subtle at the same time. It was like a mix of freshly mowed grass and some chemically smell that I have never been able to pinpoint. Really, really odd….


So I get about 20 minutes away and start to calm down and slow my speed when I hear that same monotone voice comes over my CB – “Passing on the right.”


All of a sudden, without warning, that creepy truck zooms by me going at least 30mph faster than I was – WITHOUT HEADLIGHTS.


Now by this time, the early morning twilight was coming through the mountains but it was still pretty dark out. The only lights this truck had were the amber running lights on the side of the trailer and tail lights. Then, as quick as this thing screamed by, it was gone.


For 9 years I have been trying to explain how this guy was driving THAT fast on those tight roads without headlights and I just have no clue. Maybe I was just way too tired. Maybe the guy did have headlights on and I just didn’t see them come up to me around the bend. I don’t know but it is definitely the creepiest events I have ever experienced.”


Bloody Faces

“3 A.M. Midwestern country road. I pulled over on the grassy, wooded shoulder in the middle of nowhere, to do some stuff I didn’t want to do while in motion, I think looking up something online on my phone. Total quiet, total dark. Just me and my dome light and my phone.


Appearing just outside my window: a bloody, mangled face and matted hair. Like from a horror movie.


First thought: I’m hallucinating.


Second thought: I’m (lucid) dreaming.


Third thought: This is a prank.


None of the above.Bloody face starts pounding on my car and mumbling. I call 911. Two police cars arrive really fast — maybe within a minute. Two cops jump on the guy and handcuff him.


Turns out the guy was high out of his mind, had crashed his car, didn’t want to get busted for DUI so just crawled away somewhere — the cops already knew about the crash and were just looking for the guy.”


Dead End

“I had pulled over one night to fuss at my two young children. A car pulled up beside me and told me that there had been a wreck over the next hill and traffic was stopped. They suggested that I take a side road that detours the wreck.

I thanked them and they left. I decided not to take that road cause I’m from the country and didn’t want to get lost. As I drove by the “detour” road, I looked over and saw the couple had stopped and had gotten out of their car. There was nothing but woods all around. It was just getting dark and that’s all I could see.

The next morning as I drove by the same road, I saw the DEAD END sign just past where the couple had gotten out of their car. Still gives me chills when I drive past it now and it’s been 15 years since it happened!”


Haunted Roads

“My daughter and I were driving from Wichita Falls, TX to Oklahoma City on I-44 to catch our plane home to PA (Pennsylvania). It was 4:05 am (I remember because I was afraid we’d miss our flight) and the highway was empty.


We were almost out of Lawton city limits when we saw an older model car, light blue or silver, launch off an embankment, roll 3 or 4 times, end over end. I could actually see a human fly through the air.


I pulled over and called 911 and gave them the GPS coordinates of the overpass. I asked the dispatch if I should back down the highway and she told me not to because there was an officer less than 2 mins away.


20 mins later, I get a call from the police, asking exactly where it was. I repeated the info. The officer said that he was sitting at that location & there was nothing there. Not a skid mark, broken glass or flattened grass. Nothing at all.


When I got home, I googled it. This what I found out: exactly ten years prior, a group of teenagers were speeding down a suburban road when they lost control, flipped over a guide rail and rolled down the embankment. All 6 kids were killed.


They were driving 1986 Oldsmobile. The time of the accident… 4:05 am.”

Keep Alberta roads safe this Halloween by making sure you get a designated driver or catch an Uber home if you’ve been out drinking. Drinking and driving is not a horror story anyone recovers from.


Happy Ghosting!

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