Used Car Buying Checklist

So you're buying a used car.

What exactly should you be worried about?

How do you know what hidden parts and papers to check for?

Don’t panic – We’ve got you covered. 

Download our free comprehensive used-car buyer’s checklist to avoid making a purchase you’ll regret.

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Get a pre-purchase inspection done by a mechanic.

This might already have been completed by the dealership, or if you’re going through a private seller, arrange for an independent inspection to be conducted.

Check for a service contract if you are buying from a dealership.

A service contract is essentially a promise to pay for certain repairs or service that might need done on the vehicle in the future.

Get access to the vehicle's history report(s).

This document will provide you with information about the vehicle’s previous ownership and any accidents it might have been in.



We were referred by a friend to come and see Chris. He was great, made sure our needs were met and got us into a car that will work great!

Michelle laurent       Edmonton-South   
Great | 2017-08-14  

This was a Great experience and I will be referring people to your Business! Thanks

Gina Donald-Potskin       Northside