The Mac James Process– Its Alberta’s Way to Buy a Used Vehicle.

 June 25, 2019  4:23 PM

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Maybe the clunker kicked the bucket or you’re looking for your first set of wheels, getting a new vehicle can be a real hassle. At Mac James we can help. As Alberta’s number one pre-owned dealership, we are often asked, “How does your process work? What do I need to do to get a vehicle from you guys?” Two worthwhile questions we are asked on an almost daily basis. Also two questions we love to answer! Here’s the “How” and “What” straight from the horsepower’s mouth.

From the moment you walk in the door or apply online, you are sent to one of our vehicle and finance specialists. We fire off a bunch of questions and we listen to you. We will work with you, and do everything in our power to get you the financing and vehicle that works for best you. Even on our website, there is a chat bubble in the bottom right corner of the screen for you to talk live with one of our representatives, too! 


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Our typical experience is that you apply online through our professionally designed application. We will ask some personal questions but nothing that will give up your online security. It goes against our policy to share or “shop” your personal information to outside sources. The results will then be received by our team in Edmonton. They will assign you to the closest office and within a matter of minutes someone will call you. 

When we call, we will verify your details while also getting to know you on a more personable level. We want you to be comfortable with us. It makes finding you the vehicle that’s right for you that much more easier. This is the beginning of your financial journey to better credit and on a nice set of wheels, to boot!


No credit? Bad credit? Get approved today with Mac James Motors <<<<<

Feel free to ask us questions, we love to help.
It’s what we are here for. Our specialists have a wealth of experience in dealing with every financial situation you can think of. Most importantly, we don’t judge. We are here to help, not to pass judgement. 

After this call, we will work with our very own finance company to get the best deal possible for you. This only takes a couple of hours. When we have this in place we will call you back and discuss options with you. This is the point where we meet your needs with a vehicle. We will set up an appointment that suits you. 


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At your appointment we will meet you at the door. We then require the documents needed to finalise your approval. Things like:


  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Most recent pay-stub.
  • A bill with your proof of address.


These are all required by our finance company. We work our hardest to ensure a well budgeted payment plan to eliminate the stresses of your monthly car payments and have you succeed through the full course. We want to renew your lease on financial comfort as well as send you off with the perfect automotive.


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Then the fun begins. We will match you with a vehicle or vehicles. Want to test drive? Go for it. We encourage it. (Actually we make it part of your terms and conditions of sale). Honestly, there is nothing that makes us happier than seeing the excitement on your face when you have found your vehicle. Don’t believe me? Just come in and apply.


After the exciting part is over then comes the boring insurance and registration part. Unfortunately we have no control over this. Most insurance companies are quick, and you can receive accurate quotes online from them, beforehand. Some who shall remain nameless, are not. Registration is luck of the draw, depends on the day and the person you are dealing with and how many cups of coffee they have had that day. 

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Once that is taken care of we go through the contracts with you. Thankfully, this will be exactly as discussed previously with whichever specialist you have been dealing with. We make sure of this. After everything is signed, you are then free to drive off in your new pre-owned vehicle. One that is inspected, cleaned, and has a full Carfax. After you shake our hand or give us a hug (depending on your excitement) and you finish taking 10 pictures so you can show it off online, of course, don’t forget to leave us a review!







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