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RV rentals Salmon arm

RV rentals Salmon arm

Why Choose UMi for RV Rentals in Salmon Arm:

The Situation: You’re planning an upcoming vacation or trip and would like to provide your family with a comfortable and exciting experience. The problem is, you’ve priced RVs several times and just can’t justify the cost of purchasing a new RV. You’re aware that the initial cost of buying an RV is just the tip of the iceberg, as maintenance costs can be significant as well. You don’t have to keep trying to crunch the numbers and hope they come out different the next time.

The Solution: UMi offers affordable RV rentals in Salmon Arm. Our prices are a welcome sight for our customers who thought the only option available to them was buying. We offer a wide range of RVs to select from with weekend, weekly, and monthly rates that are very attractive. Consider our 2011 Hornet 27BH RV rental available at just $160 per day or $895 per week. This 30-foot rec vehicle is perfect for your entire family and offers the space you need to have a comfortable adventure. The Hornet features numerous amenities that will make you feel like you’ve brought all the creature comforts of home along with you. Your family will enjoy a full shower, queen size bed, entertainment center, super slide, and comes fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy travel in an RV.

A Few Considerations With Buying:

Your monthly payment is just one cost of owning an RV. Add to that the annual costs of storage, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, fuel consumption, wear on the vehicle, and misc. costs that come up without notice and you’ll soon find that renting an RV becomes a much more popular solution. Now thinking about how better you could spend that money on your vacation, and you’ll see why more and more people are turning to renting over buying.

The Solution:

Our 20 foot Sports Master RV costs only $700 per week to rent and offers plenty of room for 2 adults and 4 children. You’ll love its full bath and complete RV kitchen with a full size refrigerator and freezer. Don’t bother to pack dishes, pots & pans, cutlery or any additional amenities, as they’re all provided with the cost of all of our RV rentals in Salmon Arm. Just pack your personal belongings and head out on the adventure of your dreams. Add-on options include paddle boards & kayaks, generators, fire pits, additional batteries, extra chairs, and extra propane.

You’ll love renting versus buying- and if you’re like our other customers, you’ll appreciate the cost-savings you’ll experience when you look into the benefits of renting instead of buying an RV. At UMi Rentals, we’ll help you plan the perfect vacation without overspending on an RV rental. Give us a call at 800-462-9958 with your questions or book your rental right over out website. Experience all the freedom of the open road without all the expense of RV ownership.

RV rentals Salmon arm

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RV rentals Salmon arm