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order picker forklifts Los Angeles

order picker forklifts Los Angeles

Order pickers are ideal for handpicking single items. An operator stands on a platform to access inventory easily. Essentially, this type of forklift increases your productivity. With an order picker, you can conveniently access your storage and inventory to find materials and even label them. At World Equipment Services, we have the best order picker forklifts in Los Angeles. 

Our Order Picker Forklifts

Order pickers are an excellent way to make work easier around your factory. They are highly efficient, fast, and improve productivity as your workers can access items from all levels. There are two types of order pickers: high-level and mid-level.

A mid-level order picker can work efficiently in narrow aisles, has a capacity of approximately 3,000 pounds, and reaches a height of 15-25 feet. A high-level order picker can get to a height of 20-35 feet and has a capacity of 3,000 pounds. Compared to mid-level order pickers, they can work in narrower aisles and are rail guided.

You can browse our inventory for the following used forklifts for sale in Los Angeles: 

2011 Raymond 540-OPC30TT

This order picker has been perfectly reconditioned and is extremely strong. It will run smoothly and give you value for your money. The maximum height of the 2011 Raymond order picker is 240 inches and has low hours. The efficiency of this order picker is unmatched—it’s in great shape and will streamline business operations. You can pick it as soon as you make a purchase as it’s good to go. As part of our customer service, we will put a reconditioned battery that has a one year warranty.

You’ll also get new tires and new paint once you purchase our forklift. It comes with a fork length of 42″ and an asking price of $10,950. The unit has been checked to ensure there are no oil or hydraulic leaks.

2004 Yale OSO30

When searching for new and used forklift sales in Los Angeles, there are various factors to consider, such as the quality of the product and the return on investment. You need to make sure the forklift is in excellent condition to give you value for your money.

Our 2004 Yale OSO30 is in perfect condition. It has a maximum height of 300″ and a battery voltage of 24. The forklift has 3,000 in engine hours and a price tag of $5,950. 

Call Us for All Your Forklift Needs

While convenience and time are priceless, the impact on your bottom line can be felt. That’s why it’s essential to buy a forklift based on your particular needs. If you’re considering forklift rental or buying, we have various options to suit different business needs. Whether it’s deep reach forklifts, turret forklifts, electric stackers, electric pallet jacks, or order picker forklifts in Los Angeles, we have a reputation for delivering nothing less than the very best quality. Our order pickers can fit into different warehouse processes such as spacing, slotting, and batch picking. Contact World Equipment Services today to inquire about our products or to receive a quote on 800.737.0209.

order picker forklifts Los Angeles
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order picker forklifts Los Angeles