Fort Lauderdale Fresh Fish

Fort Lauderdale Fresh FishIf you're a lover of all things seafood, you will love some of the finest Fort Lauderdale fresh fish that you can purchase at Finster Murphy's. Our seafood market specializes in providing the top quality seafood items, specifically fish of multiple varieties, that you can get anywhere in all of the coast of Florida. We are known for this, in fact. It is one of our defining characteristics. If you like seafood, you'll love us. Stop by to check out the array of different items we offer, all fresh right from the ocean at our doorstep. There are several identifiable factors that can help you to know whether a fish that you are interested in buying is truly fresh or not. First, you should check out the market itself. The market probably advertises itself based on its ability to provide fresh seafood direct from the ocean, but this may simply be a lie. It may not be true. Plenty of companies stretch the truth when they advertise. Who can really say whether a fish market is selling fish that are truly, truly fresh? One way you can tell is by the smell of the market itself. Does it smell like brine? Does it have the stench that we tend to associate with backwater harbors and old, rotting piers? If so, this is a sure sign that at least some of the items there aren't actually fresh. If they were, nothing would smell like this. Check the smell right when you walk in. If the place smells terrible, don't buy their fish. Second, when evaluating fish, make sure they are glistening and metallic. This sheen should be readily apparent. The way the fish look is the surest sign of freshness. If the scales on the fish are dull or patchy looking, this is evidence that the fish has been out of the water for a long time and it's a sign that the fish has likely been frozen and thawed at least once. Further evidence is apparent in the eyes of the fish. Are the eyes of the fish dull and grayish? This is a sign that the fish is at best past its prime. At worst, the fish may no longer be safe to eat. You want to see clear eyes on the fish you buy. If you see clear, bright eyes, yo know you're getting a fresh seafood item. These are just some of the ways you can tell that a seafood market is truly delivering fish, lobster, oysters, and other items that are as fresh as possible. And the freshness, of course, is the most important indicator of quality when you're evaluating seafood. The best Fort Lauderdale fresh fish come from Finster Murphy's. Stop by our market to see some of the fantastic high quality items we have for sale Fort Lauderdale Fresh Fish
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Fort Lauderdale Fresh Fish Fort Lauderdale Fresh Fish